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Everything you need to originate debits and credits, manage returns, and apply Notifications of Change

Intuitive management tools and the ability to configure business rules and preferences make it easy to adhere to your company’s policies while maintaining regulatory compliance

Set Limits

Establish risk settings, transaction restrictions, and limits that the system will automatically apply when applicable.

Manage Exceptions

Quickly identify and address items the system has flagged for review, such as payments that exceed limits.

Pending Payments

Easily intercede if needed to delete or modify payments before they are sent to your ODFIs for processing.

Same-Day ACH

The Profituity ACH Platform supports Same Day ACH debit and credit processing for faster payment delivery.

Recovery Screen

Recover NSF Returns

Automate the representment of NSF payments using a powerful suite of features that empower you to:

  • Determine representment schedules or manually initiate
  • Auto-generate and distribute recovery letters
  • Collect recovery fees by state or on a sliding scale
  • Enable merchants to intervene and remove items
  • Send recovery files to secondary collection agencies
  • Create and manage custom commission plans
My View Icon

MyView™ Reporting

We’ve taken reporting to a whole new level

The user-friendly interface makes it simple and easy to drag and drop your way to custom reporting and quickly see only the information most important to you. 

Users can access the reporting through password-protected online portals configured for their specific needs, or use the API integration to provide reporting within your software.

Profituity Laptop Dashboard

Accounting Reports

  • Settlements 
  • Outstanding Settlements 
  • Reversals  
  • Account Reconciliation

Processing Reports

  • Notifications of Change 
  • Originations 
  • Returns 
  • Recoveries

Risk & Compliance Reports

  • Originator Activity 
  • Returns 
  • Admin Returns 
  • Unauthorized Returns

Search Options

  • Basic 
  • Global 
  • Advanced (Multi-Criteria)

Integrates with your ERP software, payment gateway and ODFIs

Swagger Hub Screen

Upload payment origination files saved in the following formats: .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .TXT, .ACH, or .NACHA.

Or integrate your transaction processing and reporting using the API.

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